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Cherry Perfume for Women That Smells Great

Cherry scented perfume for women gives a rare combination of both fruity and sweet smelling fragrances. Cherry is a very welcoming fragrance in women’s perfume, since because of its sweet fruit aroma. Real cherries that are used to smells so great, gives any woman a renewed sense of confidence in their appearance. Sweet and fruity …

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Top 5 Grapefruit Perfume Smelling Fragrances

Grapefruit is one of the most commonly used essential oils in women’s perfume. A grapefruit smelling perfume comes across as a happy smell that’s very up lifting with its fruitiness quality. Although grapefruit is considered a citrus fragrance, it has a much more calming effect compared to other citrus’ like orange and lime. The tart, …

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Best Lavender Perfume That’s Alluring to Men

Lavender has a very attractive scent as a fragrance. It’s one of the best fragrance notes featured in perfume. Alluring a nice man into your life can be done while wearing perfume. I know what you’re thinking, perfume alone isn’t going to get a man in my life. That is very true, however, smelling quite …

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Best Musk Perfume In The World

Musk is no stranger in the fragrance world. As a fragrance, its commonly used for both men and women. Musk as a perfume, makes for one of the best smelling fragrances you’ll find in the world. It’s a very compatible, versatile, and unique fragrance that has many different types of characteristics used to describe it …

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Exotic Perfume with Patchouli

Patchouli is a fragrance note that sometimes get’s described as smelling like weed. It’s widely recognized as a herbal woody scented fragrance that’s commonly used in both woman and men’s perfume. Patchouli comes off as extremely exotic, and belongs to the mint family coming from the plant genus Pogostemom. The plant of patchouli is sometimes …

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Chocolate Scented Perfume That Guys Like

I am sure anyone that’s actually alive, with a developed cognitive is familiar with chocolate. There’s not a more popular and well-known sweetener than chocolate. Chocolate is no stranger when it comes to its sweet taste, surprisingly, chocolate doesn’t make for a overly sweet fragrance smell. The smell of chocolate can definitely be described as …

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Best Strawberry Perfume Smelling Fragrances

Strawberry is my absolutely favorite fruit snack. I am a strawberry-coholic. It’s known for its high nutrition value of vitamins and minerals. Strawberry also makes for one of the best smelling perfumes when used in women’s fragrances. Strawberries are grown in the wild nature. They are the widely grown species of the genus Fragaria. Most …

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Lemon Scented Perfume That Keeps Those Near You

When you are wearing perfume, you don’t want them to run for the exits. That wouldn’t exactly be a good thing. Lemon scented perfume gives off a very refreshing smell. Lemon is one of the most citrusy fruits in the world. It’s very sour in taste, too sour to eat on its own. Lemon as …

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Blueberry Perfume That Will Knock Their Socks Off

Living in a world of blueberries, everything just feels right. Blueberries might be the healthiest fruit in the in the world. Although known mostly for its sweet taste, it’s one the lowest sugared fruits. Blueberries have a high amount of fiber, and vitamin C. A blueberry perfume will smell very fresh, fruity, and very exotic …

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Coconut Smelling Perfume That Attracts Guys

What more can you say about coconut? It’s a very tropical smelling fragrance. There’s no better way to attract guys than with coconut. The smell of coconut is one of my favorites. It’s so warm, creamy, milky, and sweet. The smell of coconut automatically gives off a very exotic smell. Women that wear coconut smelling …

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