Banana Perfume That Smells Good On Women

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Banana Perfume That Smells Good On WomenWe are all familiar with the delicious fruit of banana. Banana perfume that smells good on women is going to bring out an aroma smell that we all know too well. Banana is a healthy fruit known for its good source of potassium, but is one of the stronger smelling fruits too. Is there any fruit out there, that’s more signified by its aroma scent?

The smell of banana is the first thing we think of when someone mentions the fruit. Banana is know for its sweet but starchy fruit note. It really shouldn’t come to much of a surprise to anyone that banana is a popular aroma used in women’s fragrances. The fragrance is sweet, calming, subtle, light, and exotic. Banana has a very feminine aroma quality. It’s not featured very often as a men fragrance, but for women this fragrance note is very popular to use.

Banana is a smell we all know too well, of so it shouldn’t come to any great surprise that’s its commonly featured as a fragrance note for women’s perfume. As a fragrance, it is often used as a top note or middle note in women’s perfumes.

Most women wear perfume. Guys love women that smell sexy and sweet. It definitely adds more attraction when a woman smells very lovely. Being a guy, I can vouch for how important it is for a woman to smell good. Naturally, a nice smile, and warm personality can capture a guy’s attention.

However, a woman who knows how to wear the right kind of perfume can definitely make an instant impression on a man too. Banana is one of my favorite smelling aromas to be found in perfume. My ex-girlfriend used to wear a perfume that had a hint of banana in it, and it was one of the most attractive smells I’ve come cross. So if you’re object is to smell desirable and leave a lasting impression, then let’s take a look at some of the best banana fragrances for women to wear.

Best Banana Smelling Perfume for Women

Enjoy Jean Patou for Women

Enjoy Jean Patou is a fruity, sweet, citrus, rose, and patchouli perfume. All these main accords combined make for the type of perfume that would make most women feel comfortable wearing.The beginning of the perfume captures banana, combined with other fruity, sweet, and citrus fragrances.

This is the first thing you’ll smell when spraying the perfume on you. Right away, it starts off with a big bang when it comes to an impressional smell.

The top notes featured include orange, banana, black currant, mandarin orange, cassia, pear, and bergamot. The middle notes feature indian jasmine, turkish rose, bulgarian rose, cardamom and aldehydes. The base notes feature amber, patchouli, musk and vanilla. When you enter base of the perfume, you’re then left off with a very deep, sexy, spicy, and exotic type of scent.

There’s something about musk and vanilla that really captures the attention of men, speaking from experience of yours truly here.

The longevity is moderate with the silage rated as heavy. The perfume has been described by customers as classy, elegant, playful, sweet, exotic, glamorous, seductive, and confident. Sometimes its funny how perfume can carry an identity of its own. But that’s something a lot of women can attest to. More swagger and confidence can be gained from wearing such a perfume.

Women can feel sexy, and comfortable with who they are when wearing spraying on this scent. Men can feel the attraction from women wearing the Enjoy Jean Patou.


Love in Paris Nina Ricci for Women

The name of the perfume pretty much speaks to what it’s marketed towards. This perfume is supposed to capture the romantic city of Paris. Paris is often known as the most romantic city in the world, so the perfume better live up to the reputation of the city.
This perfume has a fruity, floral, rose, sweet, fresh, and powdery aroma quality.

The perfume opens up as fruity and floral. It captures banana as one of the top notes, combined with pear, star anise, peony, bergamot, rose and peach. Banana is probably one of the more noticeable top notes featured.

The middle notes features apricot, violet, jasmine, and anise. The base notes finals off the perfume with woodsy notes along with musk. The musk gives off an animalistic characteristic to the perfume.

The longevity is long-lasting and silage is heavy. This mean, don’t wear this perfume throughout the day if you’re in school, or at work. The smell can be overwhelming to those around you. As date-time perfume, its just perfect for use.

The perfume is very sophisticated and deep. The banana is very subtleness that is well blended with the other fragrance notes featured in Love in Paris Nina Ricci. The combined fruity fragrances are very alluring to the nose. The banana adds just the perfect balance of sweetness.

A lot of women enjoy this romantic, sweet, and tender perfume to wear in the evenings.


Sira Des Indes Jean Patou for Women

This perfume by Jean Patou has a sweet, fruity, warm spicy, yellow floral, and woody fragrance scent. The perfume was launched in 2006. It’s an oriental woody fragrance, that’s a little different for women to use. I wouldn’t quite as the term masculine, but it almost comes across as unisex fragrance. The noticeable spicy fragrances is part of the identity of Sira Des Indes Jean Patou. Spicy fragrances can smell very sexy on women. This perfume has more of an edge to it than most of the commonly sweet perfumes you’re use to.
Different, daring, bold, but very striking can be the description used in this case.

The perfume opens up as fruity and spicy. The top notes start off with banana, pear, bergamot, cardamom and pink pepper. The middle notes feature champaca, orange blossom, plum and milk. The base notes include sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla.

This is a very soft, subtle, and warm perfume. The banana is very noticeable in this perfume. The silage is soft. The longevity is moderate.
The bananas in this perfume are very fresh and lively.


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