Best Perfume in the World for Ladies

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Every woman likes to feel desirable and attractive. The best perfume in the world for ladies helps to make any woman feel bold, confident, and sexy.

You’ll be surprised that the top fragrances aren’t necessarily the most expensive ones either. You can find a very exotic, deep, and sexy perfume for a reasonable price.

The price tag shouldn’t be your primary factor in finding the right perfume. So, if you’re not exactly sure where to start, then you’ve come to the right place.

We are going to go over ten very desirable and sexy scents that will make any guy notice you when in their presence.




Top 10 Perfume in the World

These are the most popular perfumes on the market for women. All of these fragrances are within most budgets and will strike a nice appearance among others when wearing in public. You can wine and dine with these scents and never worry about your aroma ever again.

1.) Still Jennifer Lopez by Jennifer Lopez

The actress/singer Jennifer Lopez has a very popular fragrance that women love wearing. This is one of the most popular and sold perfumes on the market.

The perfume was introduced into 2003. What’s interesting about this perfume, although it’s cheap, it has a long-lasting longevity. Usually, long-lasting longevity perfumes are more expensive.

This isn’t a very sweet perfume. The main accords consist of green, white floral, fresh spicy, and ozonic.

The fragrance notes included: Sake, mandarin, early grey, pink freesia, honeysuckle, orange flower, sandalwood, Amber and orris.


2.) Happy By Clinique for Women

The name alone stands out on this perfume. Happy, but does it make women feel happy when wearing it? With a name like that, it sure as hell better!

Happy has been around since 1997. The featured fragrance notes: bergamot, boysenberry, honeysuckle, bushflower, grapefruit, moss, freesia, lemon, and Hawaiian wedding flower.

Customers describe it as very fresh when wearing.


3.) Versace Bright Crystal

The floral, fruity, and musk fragrance is certainly among one of the best perfumes for women to wear around the world.

There’s also a hint of woody scents in this perfume. It’s a very deep, sophisticated, and unique fragrance to wear. If you’re a bold woman, you might love this fragrance.


4.) Pleasures By Estee Lauder for Women

Pleasures was introduced in 1995 by Estee Lauder. It’s a floral, green, and fresh fragrance with a noticeable hint of rose featured as a middle note.

It’s a recommended perfume to wear during spring time. It’s a light fragrance with good longevity and modest silage. The fragrance starts off very fresh, then by mid afternoon, when wearing it daily, it hits as a deeper fragrance with its woody and musky scent.


5.) Britney Spears Women’s Fantasy

Britney Spears the popular singer; has a very popular fragrance. Women’s fantasy is a woman’s dream of sweetness. If you love sweet fragrances, then this perfume I’m sure you’ll love.

This perfume will make you hungry for sweets. It has that kind of allure when wearing. The longevity and silage is pretty strong on this perfume.

Celebrity fragrances can be a hit or miss, but this is definitely one that hits the spot when it comes with its deep layer sweet fragrances.


6.) Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker for Women

The actress Sarah Jessica Parker introduced her fragrance in 2005. This is a musky, spicy, floral, citrus, with a freshness scent.

It’s a very soft and silky fragrance that packs a punch with its charming scent. The perfume smells pleasing to many, but the one drawback is that silage and longevity is a bit weak.

However, for its low price, the perfume doesn’t disappoint with its scent.


7.) Pheromones for Women

If you got sensitive skin, then you’ll not only love this perfume scent, but it won’t irritate your skin. This is an alcohol free perfume.

Pheromones has a vanilla and cocoa scent, with a hint of musk added. This is the type of perfume that attracts men and gets their head turned towards your direction.

It’s a very luxurious and exotic scent to wear in the company of a man. Makes for the perfect date-night fragrance that will keep his attention squared right on you.

The fragrance is a bit heavy. It’s recommended to wear during the evenings.


8.) Katy Perry Purr

The popular singer Katy Perry launched her signature fragrance that’s become very popular and is one of the best perfumes women wear worldwide.

The Purr has a sweet, powdery, vanilla, coconut, and fruity scent. It’s a real women’s scent, that breeds sexual, sweet, and alluring when in the presence of men.

Although it’s a sweet fragrance, it’s not overly sweet; with just the right kind of balance. The fruity scents does a nice job balancing the sweet fragrances.

The coconut adds a bit of freshness that makes it very desirable and unique.


9.) Jessica MccLintock

This is a very original and classic perfume that’s been around since 1987. If you like flowery, citrus, green, and floral scents you’ll find Jessica MccLintock’s fragrances suitable for your needs.

Most customers would describe this fragrance as romantic and soft. It’s light enough to wear throughout the day and keeps a very subtle yet noticeable scent.

The longevity and silage is described as moderate at best.

If you’re a fan of classic and vintage perfumes, this is one of the best scents to buy. It’s still relevant to wear to this day and will still give you plenty of compliments when in the presence of others.


10.) Dolce & Gabbana Light

This fragrance was launched in 2001. The main fragrance notes features: rose, apple, musk and jasmine. The fragrance is such a hit among young women that want something that’s light, pleasing to the nose, and shows off their bold and confident self.

Most customers describe the fragrance as being both fresh and clean. The longevity and silage is described as strong.

It’s a little more expensive than the previous perfumes, but you’ll get a long-lasting scent that stays on you throughout the entire day.


All of these ten are among the most popular worldwide. Perfect for women on a budget that prefer light, but pleasing scented perfumes that are versatile to wear.

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