Cinnamon Perfume for Women

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Cinnamon Perfume for WomenCinnamon perfume for women gives a sweet and alluring aroma that smells quite striking on any woman. Just about everyone is familiar with the household ingredient spice of cinnamon. It’s a spice that’s very sweet, bitter, but also very delicious a condiment often used as a sweetener. As a condiment sweet, it’s right up there with sugar. Cinnamon has more of an odor profile than sugar though. Cinnamon is not just a tasting condiment, but it’s a very pleasing smelling fragrance. It’s one of the very rare spicy and sweet fragrances noticeable to the nose.

This kind of spicy sweet is known to complements a lot of different types of fragrances used in women’s perfumes. Cinnamon originates from China. Our ancestors have been using it since 2000 BC. Cinnamon is also recognized as one of the healthiest foods in the world. We all enjoy the taste of this sweet, alluring, and almost addicting spice. It’s not just healthy, delicious, but cinnamon seems to be one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind.

So in this article, I will go over some of the very best smelling perfumes for women that features the popular spice of cinnamon. Cinnamon is usually featured as top or middle note in women’s perfumes. As a fragrance its not overwhelmingly strong at all. You’re not going to notice cinnamon over a long period of time when used in perfumes. It adds just a nice flavor of sweetness as an aroma, that’s also warm and spicy. It’s not as commonly used in perfumes as you’d think, so its kinda a rarity. You’re definitely getting a very distinctive and unique aroma when cinnamon is featured as a fragrance note in women’s perfume.

Interest Info About Cinnamon

What can be said about cinnamon? The true definition of cinnamon has many qualities, but did you know that cinnamon also holds very strong anti-bacteria properties? Seen as a sweet condiment used for desserts, and known frequent to the world of perfumes, cinnamon, surprisingly is one of the healthiest known spices in the world.

Cinnamon is commonly used as an alcoholic beverage sweetness. There are a lot of sweet alcoholic drinks, that you might not be aware of that actually contains cinnamon as a sweetener.

Cinnamon might play a critical part in the healing process. Although there’s not factual proof, but cinnamon is commonly used to fight colds and bacterial infections. In fact, cinnamon can be often used as a on meat. When there were e.coli breakouts, cinnamon was used to right these outbreaks.

One of the more common used of cinnamon, is that it plays a roll in controlling diabetes. Diabetes have found some success, although there’s no scientific proof, but cinnamon has been said to help those dealing with diabetes.
Cinnamon held control levels of blood glucose.

Best Cinnamon Perfume for Women

Organza Indecence by Givenchy

This perfume by Givenchy gives a warm spicy, cinnamon, amber, vanilla, balsamic, and patchouli fragrance for women to wear. I know many women that want to make not just look good, but also to smell quite pleasing in front of a man. This perfume was launched in 1999, and it was marketed as being sharp, intense, bold, and sophisticated.

It’s aged like fine wine, where it today is still seen as one of the more preferable sweet alluring perfume scents on the market.
Cinnamon, patchouli, musk, amber, plum, vanilla, and rosewood are the fragrance notes that are used in this perfume.

The perfume packs quite a strong and lasting fragrance. It’s one of the perfumes that can be worn throughout the day, and into the night without losing its luster. The fragrances are very strong and can be noticed instantly within a few feet. So only a few squirts would be enough.

I think this is the type of perfume a woman would wear during the evening. Perhaps on a date, or just an evening out with friends.
The blend of vanilla and cinnamon are some of the stronger and most noticeable fragrances in this perfume.


Classique Jean Paul Gaultier

The Jean Paul Gaultier is no stranger in the world of fragrances. As a delightful perfume, its known to have a sweet, powdery, white floral, vanilla, floral, and citrus like fragrance. When these notes are combined in this perfume, you’re only getting one of the more sophisticated and complex smelling perfumes on the market.

What I mean by complex, is that there are different descriptions given when it comes to the texture of the fragrance. Now, sometimes that can be a good thing, or a bad, depending exactly what you’re looking for. Sometimes perfumes carry a personality of its own. Where mysterious, and distinct, can kinda carry an appeal of its own.

There are a lot of different fragrance notes used in this perfume. The top notes of the perfume start off with bergamot, rose, pear, star anise, orange, and orange blossom. The middle notes include plum, iris, ginger, orchid, tuberose, and ylang-ylang. The base notes feature cinnamon, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, and musk.

Once you get to the base of the perfume, you eventually get that very sweet-smelling perfume, with just a hint of woodsy fragrances, added with the musk and amber.

The perfume can be worn throughout the evening, as it doesn’t wear off. The silage is rated by many customers as being enormous.


Casmir Chopard

The Casmir Chopard perfume carries a balsamic, sweet, vanilla, warm spicy, and fruity fragrance. This perfume is very cheap and affordable. The silage and longevity aren’t the strongest. The smell itself though is very pleasing to the nose.
Cinnamon is noticeable as the middle note in this perfume. The perfume starts off very fruity with a hint of coconut.

Eventually the perfume becomes a sweet, spicy, and balsamic aroma.

With a cheap perfume, it will either be a hit or a miss. There are a lot of mixed reviews with this perfume. Hey, it doesn’t cost very much, and you still get a very sweet-smelling perfume for a low price.

It might not be the most sophisticated or capturing perfume on the market though.


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