Coconut Smelling Perfume That Attracts Guys

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Crystal Noir Versace for WomenWhat more can you say about coconut? It’s a very tropical smelling fragrance. There’s no better way to attract guys than with coconut. The smell of coconut is one of my favorites. It’s so warm, creamy, milky, and sweet. The smell of coconut automatically gives off a very exotic smell. Women that wear coconut smelling perfumes are going to attract a lot of male attention. You don’t necessarily need to wear the most expensive perfumes to make an impression. Sometimes it’s more about the right kind of fragrance notes.

So for women that want to feel attractive, seductive, and boastfully confident in their appearance, then I can’t think of any type of fragrance note that even compares to what coconut does. The coconut palm trees that produce this natural oil, might also be considered one of the healthiest oils on the planet. Known to be high in saturated fats, coconut oil contains a very rare saturated fat known as lauric acid.

The Top 5 Coconut Perfumes for Women

Here I present some of the most tropical, warm, and pleasing scented perfumes with a noticeable scent of sweet coconut.

1.) Crystal Noir Versace for Women

Crystal Noir Versace for Women is a perfume that gives a white floral, fresh spicy, coconut, warm spicy, and woody fragrance. I guess the first image that comes to mind is a tropical exotic beaches when you think of this perfume. That’s kinda the characteristic of the Crystal Noir fragrance.

However, this perfume perfume is rather strong to wear. Although you think tropical beaches with its coconut fragrance, it’s not a summer-time perfume. The fragrance scents are heavy. It’s best to wear during night, in winter and fall climates.

The top notes open up as fresh spicy with notes that include ginger, cardamon, and pepper. Once you enter the heart of the fragrance, you begin to get that coconut smell. Coconut, peony, gardenia, and African orange flower are the middle notes.

The base notes feature amber, sandalwood, and musk. This gives the perfume a deeper, richer, and more distinctive aroma quality scent. It’s a very deep and sophisticated perfume. You’re getting a balance of quite a few different aroma scents.

The longevity is very long lasting. It can last up to 24 hours. The silage is very strong too. So be careful when spraying too much, since it can be overwhelming. I would recommend spraying once, behind the neck.


2.) Bronze Goddess 20011 Estee Lauder

Just the bottle alone on the Bronze Goddess 20111 Estee Lauder has a coconut look to it. The bottle definitely looks a bit tropical. Unlike the previous perfume mentioned, this one is marketed towards summer-time. After all, it is hard to smell coconut and not think of warm climate weather.

This is the perfect beach perfume to wear. Almost all summer fragrances will start off fresh and citrusy. This one is no different.

Once you enter the heart of the perfume you get a white floral fragrance that’s very light and calming.

The base notes feature: coconut, sandalwood, caramel, amber, and vetiver. This is a very interesting combination of fragrance notes used in this perfume. You’re getting a woodsy, but very sweet and feministic scent that’s going to smell absolutely sexy on any type of woman.

The down side to this perfume is that the silage is incredibly soft. The perfume won’t be noticed unless that person is rather close to you. The longevity is rather weak as well. It probably would only last up to 6 hours on warm days.


3.) Vanille Coco Comptoir Sud Pacifique

This exquisite scented perfume has a lot of coconut featured. It’s actually marketed as a vanilla perfume, but it features both vanilla and coconut predominately. The perfume first starts off as a very unique milky rich fruitiness.

Banana, whipped cream, and heliotrope. That is going to smell rather good, almost like a dessert. Both the middle notes and base notes feature vanilla and coconut.

Vanilla and coconut complement each other the best as a fragrance. Both are sweet as a scent. For women that love sweet scented perfumes, then you’ll like what the Vanille Coco Comptoir does as your signature scent.

It doesn’t have a strong longevity, lasting maybe up to 8 hours at best. The silage is moderated too.


4.) Vanilla Coconut Lavanila Laboratories

The Vanilla Coconut Lavanila Laboratories is very similar to the Vanille Coco Comptoir Sud Pacifique. The main two fragrances again are vanilla and coconut. It’s not quite as predominate though as the Coco Comptoir. Vanilla and coconut are only featured as the based notes.

This might be a little better balance, complemented with the other fragrance notes. The fragrance starts off as a white floral, featuring tiara flower. The middle notes feature sandalwood and heliotrope.
The perfume rounds off with the base notes of vanilla and coconut.

The fragrance is rather sweet in its appearance. It doesn’t hold back many punches with its sweetness. This can be a good thing, sometimes. However, sometimes perfumes do come off a little too sweet. This perfume walks that tightrope a little bit.

The longevity and silage is rather heavy. The longevity of this perfume should last up to 20 hours.


5.) Sensuous Nude Estee Lauder

Finally, we have the last pleasurable smelling coconut fragrance for women. Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude might the best of the five mention in this article. It has a much better balance of coconut, without relying on it too much as a fragrance.

The perfume opens up as fresh spicy, with noticeable citrus scents. Pink pepper, pepper, mandarin orange, and bergamot are the top notes.

Coconut is used as a middle note in this perfume. It’s combined with white floral fragrances and musk. I think this gives the perfume a nice balance of sweetness, along with fresh flowery scents.

The base notes feature amber, woodsy notes, vanilla, and musk. You’re getting a moderate longevity that can last up to 8-10 hours. The silage is very soft. This isn’t an overwhelming fragrance, but its very pleasant as sent.

It’s often described as a warm weather fragrance that’s just perfect for the beaches.


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