Fruity Smelling Perfume for Women

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Fruity Smelling PerfumeMany different types of fragrances give off different types scents for women. Fruity smelling perfume for women gives a very exotic, sexy, and refreshing fragrance that is easy on the nose. Fruity aromas capture men’s attention, but also provides a woman with well balanced smell. They’re very lively and energetic fragrances to wear. They’re a little more feminine for women, and more commonly found in perfumes compared to men’s cologne. I have always enjoyed the smell of fruit. When fruity citruses are combined with sweet fragrances, then you have a very dynamic smell with a right balance of sweetness that doesn’t become overpowering to the nose.

A good smelling perfume can be very problematic for many to choose from. When you wear a perfume, you smell it differently than others do. Also, it’s one thing to smell good, but you don’t want to over do it either. I have found most perfumes to be too strong. A perfume that captures fruity scents aren’t likely to be overbearing to the nose. You can the right textual balance that keeps people interested, instead of running towards the exits.

For women, wearing perfume can seem very basic and routine. However, there are good smelling perfumes, and ones that don’t smell so pleasant as well. The worst mistake a woman can make is wearing the wrong type of perfume. The wrong perfume can send can the opposite sex away. I know this might seem kinda of blunt, but most men find overpowering smelling perfumes a bit desperate too.

So why not choose the fruity route instead.

I’ll go over a few of the more welcoming and pleasing smelling fruity perfumes that makes a woman smell desirable in the presence of others. Will that guy finally ask you out?Can guys be more forthcoming? These answers I can’t give you with certainty. What I can say, is that fruity, sweet, but subtle aromas can make a welcoming impression towards those around.

Best Fruity Smelling Perfume for Women

Nina by Nina Ricci for Women

Nina Ricci perfume one of the most desirable brand in the cosmetic world. This captures is a citrus, sweet, fresh, fruity, and woody perfume. This perfume isn’t very expensive to buy, for those that don’t feel like spending hundreds of dollars. Cheap perfumes can sometimes make people cringe, because they are automatically assumed to be cheap smelling. That’s just a myth. The quality of the smell, actually, have very little at all to do with the pice tag.

Production costs is often what makes a perfume so expensive. Also, the longevity and silage often determine the price of fragrances for both men and women.

This is a very pleasing smelling aroma, with its noticeable fruity scents. The longevity and silage are described as moderate. This mean don’t expect the perfume to last throughout the night. Although this can be a good thing, especially for those that are looking for a charming smell, without being overwhelming.

These are light fragrances that won’t overwhelm people, but are still very noticeable enough.

Fruity fragrances are quite noticeable in this perfume, along with a subtle, but noticeable sweetness to balance it off. The woody scent can also be noticed too. Fruity fragrances are noticeable through out the perfume. That includes top, middle, and base notes. This is probably the more fruity scent on the market for women.

The best time to wear is during the day. Warmer weather particularly. Colder climates, the scent might not be strong enough.

Women seem overall to be enchanted with this perfume. This isn’t the most exotic and unique perfume you’ll ever wear. For the price, it’s a very pleasing, sweet, and fresh fruity perfume to wear.


Daisy Eau So Fresh Marc Jacobs for Women

The Daisy perfume has a fruity, sweet, green, floral, powdery, and citrus quality to it. This perfume is a floral citrus cologne that’s a bit more exotic, and impactful. If you’re looking to be more bold and daring, then I can’t think of why the Daisy Eau wouldn’t appease you!
You can wear this perfume almost in any setting. Although fruity, the fruit scents aren’t quite as noticeable.

The top notes features grapefruit, green notes, raspberry and pear. So when you first spray on the perfume, you’ll notice a very light and fruity scent.

The middle notes of the perfume features jasmine, rose, violet, litchi, and apple blossom. It’s fruity but with a powdery, subtle sweetness added to it. The base notes include musk, Virginia cedar and plum. This balances it off, where the plum gives it still a fruit quality aroma, followed with a touch of exotic fragrances.

You get a very nice balance of fruity fragrances throughout the entire perfume. The fruit scents are noticeable, but they don’t stand out alone. It’s a very relaxing, calming, sweet, and fresh smelling that’s often described by many women that have worn this perfume.
It’s the perfect day-time perfume to wear, but you can wear at night too. It’s very light, the longevity and silage are soft.

One woman simply states she’s literally obsessed with this perfume. The perfume might be very light, but it’s very eloquent and poignant.


DKNY Be Delicious Donna Karan for Women

The Donna Karan perfume is comes across as a fruity, green, aquatic, ozonic, and fresh smell. I’ve always found personally, ozonic quality fragrances really stand out on its own. I’ve often worn ozonic colognes, me being a man that is, and I’ve often gotten a lot of friendly compliments. So ozonic is going to come across a very exotic.

The energetic, fresh, ozonic and bright perfume was launched in 2004. These fragrances all come together to provide one of the more desirable smelling perfumes on the market.

The top notes features green notes, violet leaf apple, grapefruit and magnolia. The middle notes include tuberose, lily of the valley, rose and violet. The base notes include sandalwood, amber and musk.

The longevity and silage isn’t very strong. This perfume it what you’d call tender, a little warm, gentle, fruity, and desirable.


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