How to Make Your Own Perfume with Household Items?

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How to Make Your Own Perfume with Household ItemsYou can learn how to make your perfume with household items as easy as it sounds. There a very common household ingredients that are typically found in perfume fragrances. Making your own perfume also has obvious cost benefits, with so many fragrances available at high prices in stores.

Just like foods, there are very few perfumes which are liked universally. Not all people are born with similar sense of fragrances, and the favorite perfume for one person might be the worst one for another individual. Many of the fragrances bought from stores are too heavy, irritating for the skin and nauseating – as complained by many people.

Due to this reason, many individuals like to make their own perfumes at home – with ingredients which are safe for them and do not produce any allergenic reactions in their bodies. Read on to know how to make your own perfume at home with household items.

Choose Your Base

First of all, you have to choose a neutral base for your fragrance. Get an alcohol, like Vodka, to get a liquid consistency. You can also choose almond oil, jojoba oil or any other thin oil for this process. A blend of alcohol and oil, mixed in 1:1 ratio, is the commonest formula for the base, although it is not obviously necessary to use both ingredients.

In order to get a more solid type of fragrance, you can use coconut oil. But if you do not like heavy oils, you can simply try to create a body mist with the help of essential oils and filtered water.

Create Signature Notes

This is where the fun begins! You have to spend some time in the experimentation process and determine which scents are the best for your own style and which of them appeal to you the most. It is important to invest some time in the grocery store, in the section devoted to natural products.

You may also like to take a look at the section for spices and herbs. Concentrate on what type of scents are outstanding for you and the type of vibe that you get from them.

Do you want a decadent feeling or a floral feel? There are plenty of ways you can have scents mixed and matched according to your preferences.

You may choose to get a loose formula which can be complex but unique for you. You can simply choose an essential oil which pleases you a lot and then play about with the quantity of the ingredients until you are able to get one that you really love.

Choose Application Method

After you get the type of combination you like, it is time for you to select how you would like to apply the fragrance.

• Roller balls – If you use oil-based perfumes, roller balls are excellent to go for. This will help you to know where is the exact spot you are applying it on, so that you do not get the perfume on your outfits and other costly belongings.

• Spray bottles – For water or alcohol mixtures, spray bottles are ideal to go for. A glass container or tin container would be perfect if you begin with coconut oil or a base that is more solid.

• Solid perfumes – Solid perfumes are perfect as these are free of messes and can easily be packed into a beauty travel bag and carried along.

There are quite a few other ways to store a fragrance by reusing products which are already available with you.

Making the Perfume With Household Ingredients

Once you have got a full knowledge of all the basics of how to make perfume, you will be able to get more pleasure in making your own, individualized fragrance. You can use the following recipe to get started with the process, and then use your creativity and ingenuity to make more interesting fragrances.

Gather the Ingredients

First of all, you have to gather all the following ingredients in one place to make perfume which can fill a small-sized roller-ball container.

• Jojoba oil – 1 oz
• Lemon oil – 3 drops
• Orange oil – 3 drops
• Sandalwood oil – 3 drops
• Jasmine oil – 5 drops
• Distilled water – 1 oz

Also needed:

A small roller-ball container

You can purchase essential oils from health food stores and many online stores. It is important to purchase only pure essential oil in order to ensure 100% safety.


Blend all the ingredients in a roller-ball container of small size. Tip the bottle to and fro in order to mix all the items lightly. Apply the fragrance on the neck, behind the ear and on the wrists.

This type of perfume, on an average, should stay on for around a couple of hours or more. You can apply it again all through the day, as and when you require.

Once you are able to understand how to make perfume with household items, you will get the ability to make as many homemade, individualized perfumes as you want. You will smell great and remain free of chemicals all the while.

For many years, your body and overall health will be great. You will also get everyone in your social circle curious to know the secret of your all natural, signature scent.

Things to Remember

While making fragrances, you have to keep various things in mind. If your body reacts to perfumes with strong odors, it is a good idea to go for odorless oils. Grape seed oil, almond oil and jojoba oil are some of the popular types of essential oils which are used in making perfumes.

It is important to pick a container with care. Do not use jars which have been used to keep foods stored. This is because, even when the jars are washed out, the scent might be passed on by the glass. It is also a good idea to use containers made of dark glass, as usually recommended by perfumers, as these can protect the fragrance from light and prolong its lifespan.

Make sure that the container has a tight lid, which can keep the perfume safe within and not make it leak out.

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