Lemon Scented Perfume That Keeps Those Near You

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Lemon Scented Perfume That Keeps Those Near You

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When you are wearing perfume, you don’t want them to run for the exits. That wouldn’t exactly be a good thing. Lemon scented perfume gives off a very refreshing smell. Lemon is one of the most citrusy fruits in the world. It’s very sour in taste, too sour to eat on its own. Lemon as a condiment used as an ingredient makes for a complementary ingredient for dinners or desserts.

Lemon has a very cheerful, exuberant, citrusy, and a sweet undertone as a fragrance. You’ll often find lemon used as one of the top notes in both perfumes and men’s colognes. Lemon works well as a fragrance for both women and men. It’s a very light fragrance that won’t last too long. Lemon will be one of the first fragrance smells you notice when you spray the fragrance onto your body.

It’s quite a popular and well known fragrance note. Lemon works extremely well with orange, bergamot, and lime citrus fragrances. Lemon does a great job of balancing off spicy fragrance notes used in fragrances too. Lemon as a smell is almost a completely different in contrast to its taste. Lemon comes off too citrusy and sour when consumed, but as a fragrance smell it’s very calm, cheerful, and not too overwhelming.

Best 5 Lemon Smelling Perfumes for Women

These are the top 5 perfumes that have a heavily featured fragrance note of lemon. Typically, lemon opens up as a top note used in fragrances as mention before. These top 5 perfumes that I have listed below mostly feature just lemon as the main smelling accord. Lemon will also be complemented with a few other fragrance notes to give off a very alluring smell.

1.) Hello Sugar Bath and Body Works

Freshness can never be overlooked in any type of fragrance. You want a fragrance that’s very fresh and exuberant, that also comes across very natural. Synthetic smelling perfumes for the most part comes across as very stale.

Hello Sugar perfume is a perfect example of a fragrance that’s very refreshing and lively with its citrus, sweet, aromatic, vanilla, sour and fresh scents.

Hello Sugar has a very strong citrus fragrance scent. The two main noticeable notes feature sugar and lemon. Some feel there’s a hint of vanilla in the perfume as well.

This is a very light perfume that’s just perfect for wearing during the summer. It’s better to wear in the day opposed to night-time. It’s not a very strong smell, just very subtle and pleasing to the nose.

The longevity probably would only last a minimum of 6 hours. You might need an extra squirt during the day. The quality of the smell has been described as lemon pound cake. There’s just a subtle sweetness with lemon being the most dominate fragrance noticed.


2.) 4711 Acqua Colonia Lemon & Ginger Maurer & Wirtz

Acqua is categorized more as a unisex fragrance, but I tend to think it appeals more towards women. It comes across as a very citrus aroma like you’d expect, with some fresh spicy and aromatic scents.

The fresh ginger adds a fresh spice to complement the lemon. These are the only two fragrance notes featured. The perfume is very similar to the Hello Sugar Bath, except it’s not sweet, but instead spicy.

Lemon goes well with spicy or sweet fragrances, so it really doesn’t matter. Lemon is still the most predominate fragrance, it just comes down to preference of whether or not you prefer your fragrance to be either sweet or spicy.

Much like Hello Sugar, the longevity is rather weak, and would probably only last up to 6 hours at the longest. That’s the often complaint for women buyers. However, you will get a nice and authentic fresh lemon smell.


3.) Lemon Escape Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is no stranger to the fragrance world of perfume for women. The name Lemon Escape is pretty self-explanatory. However, the perfume does come across as very tropical. It has a very sweet, coconut, outdoors, and aromatic quality.

Lemon Escape by Victoria’s Secret is one of the more recent additions in the fragrance world. It was launched in 2013. The fragrance notes feature lemon, sugar, and coconut.

This is more like a body mist than a perfume. It’s very cheap. The longevity isn’t very strong at all. I think you’d want to wear this at the beach on a warm day. If your objective is to smell pleasant, then this fragrance will definitely get the job done.

The coconut and lemon works extremely well with one another. You’re going to come across as extremely attractive as a lady when in the company of others. Men absolutely lust at the smell of coconut on a woman. That’s one of the most exotic smelling fragrances on the market.


4.) Citrus Verbena Intense L’Occitane en Provence for Women

This citrus aromatic fragrance was launched as a unisex fragrance in 2008. You’re not just getting a strong lemon quality smell, but it adds a touch of herbal freshness as well. The silage on the fragrance is described as being very soft, and the longevity is very moderate.

There are some mixed opinions about this fragrance. If your aim is to smell like lemon, then you will do so. However, some have compared the smell to lemon ammonia. Ouch, that gives off a cleaning smell fragrance, which wouldn’t be very pleasing obvious.

So there are definitely some mixed opinions on this fragrance. However, keep in mind fragrances do smell completely different on each person. Oily and dry skins for example makes a huge different, not to mention the Ph levels in our skin is different.

It is true, perfume definitely does not smell the same on everyone. So always keep that in mind when considering to choose one. What smells bad on person A might indeed smell great on person B.


5.) Lemon No.1999 C.O Bigelow

Finally, last but not least we have a Lemon fragrance introduced by Bigelow. While mainly featuring lemon, it also comes across as having a musky, green, and woody fragrance. This can be worn by both women and men.

The silage is soft, but the longevity can probably last up to 8 hours. The most noticeable smell is obviously lemon, but you’re going to get a nice contrast of balance with the lemon leaf and musk fragrance notes that are included.

For women, this can be a very bold, daring, and different type of perfume to wear. It’s not very feminine, but the fresh lemon scent comes across as invigorating on anyone that decides to wear this fragrance.


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