Perfume That Smells Like Cotton Candy for Women

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Perfumes That Smell Like Cotton Candy for WomenPerfumes that smell like cotton candy for women are going to bring back unquestionable memories of your childhood. Memories of youth, what can replace that? Cotton candy was one of my favorite sweets to snack on growing up when I was at a baseball game, football game, carnival, or at the circus.

The sweetness of cotton candy can’t really be denied. It has a sweet but soft texture. Cotton candy as a fragrance is very different in the use of women’s perfumes. The sweetness of the aroma is well very known commodity as a scent. The desirable sweetness of cotton candy can only be described as appealing to the nose, as it is to our tongues. A perfume smelling like the popular treat of cotton candy might seem gratifying for a woman that’s looking for something a little different to wear.

It’s not every day you get to wear something that smells like cotton candy. The lightness of the fragrance cotton candy will bring back a happy familiarity of the ever delicious sweet treat of youth.

In this article, I will go over some of the best fragrances that smell like cotton candy for women to wear amongst others. I think the reason why cotton candy is a good as a fragrance, is because of its calming subtle sweetness that’s not overpowering to the nose. Cotton candy is pretty endearing with its own charm of irresistible of attraction for a woman.

Being a guy my one complaint about women’s perfume is when its sweet enough to make you dizzy from the overwhelming scent. I like many other men like a subtle smell of sweetness. Sweetness that not’s an overpowering aroma that can be tasted in the mouth. Cotton candy does a good job walking that tight rope line of smelling sweet, but not too sweet.

The Three Best Perfumes That Smell Like Cotton Candy for Women

Cotton Candy Demeter Fragrance for Women

The first popular fragrance we have for women is by Sweet Delight. It was inspired literally by sugar cotton candy. You get an original cotton candy like fragrance. As a kid we all immediately could smell when the cotton candy vendor was in the area.

That smell is irreplaceable to the nose, and this one of a kind perfume can bring out the same aroma. I still can’t forget that smell to this day, even though I have no longer indulged in the sugar delicious snack ever since I was a little boy.

One customer notices that it has a hint of coconut and vanilla in its scent. This is a sweet perfume that’s going to come off nothing short of being feminine as a scent. A woman is meant to smell just like a woman, and that’s the aim of Sweet Delight.

It’s not the most luxurious type of perfume that will last the longest. I wouldn’t recommend going out on a lovely date, expensive Sweet Delight to be that alluring as a strong enough scent. For about $20 dollars though it’s not a bad bargain for a pretty cheap smelling perfume to wear during the day. If you’re trying to save money and can’t afford some of the more expensive designer perfumes, then I think you can get away with wearing this and still smelling quite pleasant in the company of others.


Sweet Darling Kylie Minogue for Women

This is the second introduction to Kylie Minogue. Sweet Darling is an oriental and sweet version follow-up to the original perfume. This one adds a little more sweetness in comparison. The aroma smell has a very sweet, vanilla, patchouli, tropical, fruity, and white floral scent. Both the sweetness, tropical and fruity scents makes this a very pleasing and rich kind of smell for any type of woman, young or old, to wear. The top notes consist of passion fruit, freesia, boronia, and cotton candy.

Sweet Darling was introduced in 2007. It’s the typical feminine sweet and alluring perfume with cotton candy as one of its most noticeable fragrances. You won’t literally smell like a candy shop. After all, that might be a little too weird. You get a very sweet but mature smell that’s just right as a scent to attract those in your presence.

That’s the type of scent guys like myself really appreciate on a woman. Sweet, alluring, and sexy can be an accurate description. I always like a woman to smell very sweet, but with a sense of maturity to them as well. You can get Sweet Darling for a pretty reasonable price. There’s also a very subtly woodsy fragrance to it. The vanilla compliments the Australian sandalwood very well in this type of fragrance.

The best time to wear this perfume is yearly. The strength of Sweet Darling Kylie Minogue can be described as moderate to soft.


Cotton Candy Girly Girl Prince Mathabelli for Women

This fragrance has a sweet, fruity, vanilla, musky and powdery kind of scent that make any woman feel confident in. The scent combines notes of cotton candy, creamy vanilla, soft strawberries, raspberries and pure enticing musk. The combination gives off a very exotic and fruity kind of smell with the sweetness of cotton candy. It brings back the memories of your childhood when taking a whiff of this scent, and you notice the hint of cotton candy as one of its main fragrance notes.

One customer review describes it as a very clean candy smell with a musky strawberry fragrance to it. Strawberry combined with cotton candy is definitely going to give a combination of a sweetness and fruity scent as a perfume. The spray also lasts relatively long. If you got a special date with a guy friend, then you can wear this very pleasant smell on you and it will last for about 6-8 hours. Just long enough to get you through the day.

This is definitely a feministic type of smell. But guys like girls to be girls, and this is the type of fragrance to send that kind of message to him. Fruity and sweetness has always been able to capture my aroma senses on women.


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