Best Lavender Perfume That’s Alluring to Men

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Best Lavender Perfuume That's Alluring to MenLavender has a very attractive scent as a fragrance. It’s one of the best fragrance notes featured in perfume. Alluring a nice man into your life can be done while wearing perfume. I know what you’re thinking, perfume alone isn’t going to get a man in my life.

That is very true, however, smelling quite pleasing in the presence of man does make a big impression. Most women have admitted to more guys approaching them in public, when wearing a very attractive scented perfume. Sometimes perfumes can carry a personality that matches you. Obviously, you would like this perfume to fit your personality, but also come across as captivating.

Lavender is one the most extraordinary scents you’ll ever smell. There’s nothing more calming, and relaxing than the smell of lavender. It’s one of the rarest essential oils, known to have very strong medical uses in aromatherapy.

Lavender is a pretty purple flowering plant, home to the mint family, Lamiaceae. Lavender can be described as an odor of having a subtle sweetness, with a noticeable floral that’s very herbal. Overall, the scent of lavender is extremely subtle and calming as a fragrance.

So let’s go over which lavender scented perfumes will work best on women.

Best Lavender Scented Perfumes for Women

When wearing these 5 perfumes featuring lavender while in the company of others, you’ll notice people gravitating more towards you. These are all very calming, light, and subtle fragrances.

Vanilla Lavender Lavanila Laboratories for Women

The Vanilla Lavender Lavanila Laboratories for Women perfume doesn’t take an imaginary mind to guess the ingredients. Vanilla and lavender are the two featured fragrance notes.

Along with vanilla and lavender, the perfume features violet leaf and rose. The ingredients are extremely fresh and lively on the body.

The scent comes across as sweet, floral, fresh spicy, with the subtle sweetness of vanilla. This isn’t a very deep or complex perfume. It smells very good as a woman’s fragrance though. I would think most women looking for something calming, subtle, and casual would prefer wearing Vanilla Lavender Lavanila Laboratories for women.

Cozier fragrances like these have a lot of charm when wearing them. They’re very alluring to men as well. I think this kind of perfume can get a man very curious about a woman.

The longevity isn’t very long. The perfume will only last for up to 8 hours. The silage is soft.


Less Naturelles: Lavande Fragonard for Women

One of my all-time favorite fragrance notes is patchouli. It’s a fragrance that works nicely with men or women’s perfumes. The lavender and patchouli combine for a very warm spicy and aromatic scent.

Patchouli is a very vibrant fragrance. Lavender is very calming and soothing. So the two fragrances combined give a very nice balance. Benzoin is added to give a balsamic scent.

This is a very relaxing and comforting lavender scented perfume to buy. It’s bit unique too if you’re looking for something different.

The longevity isn’t long-lasting. The perfume can be worn during the day for up to 8 hours. The silage is very soft.


Green Tea Lavender Elizabeth Arden

One of my favorite scents feature a variety of sharp, distinctive, and subtle alluring aromas like the Green Tea Lavender Elizabeth Arden has to offer. Elizabeth Arden provides one of the most freshest aromatic scents on a woman.

The perfume has a noticeable amount of floral, green, herbal, and fresh spicy scents. These are very alluring ingredients on a woman.

The perfume opens up citrusy with a calmness to the scent. The top notes feature: chamomile, mint, mandarin, and lemon. Very fresh, subtle, and light fragrance notes.

The heart of the perfume is where you begin to smell lavender, complemented with green tea and magnolia. This is where the floral scents begin to take over more.

Then finally the base notes include musk, musk mallow and birch.

The fragrance has a soft silage with a rather weak longevity. The lightness of the green tea and lavender is very light, erotic, and attractive on a woman.


Yardley English Lavender

Yardley English Lavender was launched in 1913. Yes, that was not a misprint, the fragrance is that old. Age has no real bearing in the fragrance world. The longer its been around only means the more irresistible it smells on a person.

The fragrance is definitely old-school though. You’re getting an aromatic scent of fresh spicy, floral, herbal, and some woody aroma fragrances.

The perfume opens up with lavender, bergamot, eucalyptus, and rosemary. You’re getting a very herbal, green, and fresh spicy scent when you first spray the perfume on your body.

The heart of the perfume still remains spicy with a hint of woody scents. Cedar, sage, and geranium are the middle notes.

The based notes feature tonka bean, oakmoss, and musk. The scent doesn’t last extremely long. The fragrance does come off rather stale after 8 hours of use. The silage is very soft too.

It’s not a luxurious perfume, but it has a very alluring aroma scent on a woman when wearing casually.


Relax Lollia for Women

The last perfume listed, Relax Lollia for Women is one of the sweeter scented lavender perfumes. The combination of both honey and lavender gives off a very exotic scent. Honey and lavender are very natural and fresh scents.

Rich as a fragrance, the other notes also include amber, vanilla, and orchid. You won’t get an overwhelming scent of lavender. Lavender is much more subtler in this perfume. The combination of lavender, amber, vanilla, orchid, and of course honey makes it a very balanced perfume.

The perfume overall comes across pretty mild with its sillage. The longevity is rather poor too.

Most people recommend wearing this perfume during the winter. The fragrance notes are a bit warmer, and seem to smell the best during colder climates as opposed to warmer weather.

I think sweet scented perfumes do work better in colder climates. The perfume is recommended to be worn during the day as a casual perfume.


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