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Best Musk Perfume In The WorldMusk is no stranger in the fragrance world. As a fragrance, its commonly used for both men and women. Musk as a perfume, makes for one of the best smelling fragrances you’ll find in the world. It’s a very compatible, versatile, and unique fragrance that has many different types of characteristics used to describe it as a scent. The most often description of musk used is animalic.

Although musk fragrances once were used from Tibetan musk deer, it is now prohibited to use them to produce perfumes. So for any animal lovers out there, not to worry, the endangered Tibetan musk deer is safe. These musk fragrances are synthetically produced to give off a very familiar fragrance. Since 1979, it has been banned to produce fragrances using Musk deer.

I’ll be honest, musk on its own smells like ass. It’s not a very attractive smell on its own. However, when combined with other fragrances, the animalic smell is very sexy, endearing, deep, and has quality of lust to it.

In this article, I am going to brush up on some of the absolutely most sexy and attractive perfumes a woman can wear featuring musk as one of its primary fragrances.

Incredible Smelling Musk Perfume for Women

1.) Clean Skin Clean for Women

The name clean skin clean for women is very telling on what the aim of this fragrance is. So yes, the fragrance comes across as a clean smelling fragrance that’s very fresh and alluring to the nose. The most freshest fragrances for women are ones that feature floral scents.

Launched in 2012, this clean smelling fragrance has just two featured fragrances: musk and flowers. These are some of the cleaner and refreshing aromas for women to wear. You can also notice a very subtle soapy scent.

The perfume lasts on the skin for approximately 8 hours. It’s not very long-lasting. The silage is very soft too.

The perfume works best during the day. It can be worn throughout the year though. Even during winter the fragrances although soft can still be noticed during colder climates.

Some customers describe the fragrance as having a therapeutic quality to it. Sometimes musk fragrances can come off a little overbearing. The musk in this perfume is soft, light, and endearing as a scent.


2.) Essence Narciso Rodriguez for Women

Essence by Narcisco Rodriquez is a very deep, musky, powdery, floral, and woody fragrance. The perfume was launched in 2009. The extremely sexy and exotic fragrances make for one of the very best perfumes in the world that feature musk as a fragrance note.

The perfume features iris, rose, benzoin, and musk as its primary fragrances used. The longevity of the perfume is rather long-lasting. You can wear Essence throughout the entire day and the fragrance will remain fresh and lively.

The silage is just moderate. This is a day-time perfume that can be worn during the spring, summer, and even fall.

The musk is very soft in this perfume, complementing the very soft floral rose scent. The Essence makes its mark as a sophisticated fragrance with very subtle but alluring scents that can capture the hearts of others.


3.) Marc Jacobs Daisy for Women

Daisy by Marc Jacobs doesn’t try to be something that it isn’t. This is a very feministic fragrance with white floral, ozonic, citrus, and powdery scents that smell exquisitely attractive on a woman. Women that want to attract the attention of those around them will be pleased with Daisy.

The perfume opens up very fruity and citrusy with top notes that include grapefruit, strawberry, and violet leaf.

The middle notes feature gardenia, violet, and jasmine. These featured notes give it a very white floral scent.

Then finally you have the base notes that feature vanilla, white woods, and musk. The sweetness of vanilla and musk are good partners in crime. Musk fragrances work the best with sweet fragrances for women to wear.

The longevity is moderate and will last for about 10 hours. The silage is soft to moderate. You should wear Marc Jacobs Daisy for Women during the daytime.

Customers feel this perfume has a very feminine, clean, and charismatic smell to it.


4.) Tresor Midnight Rose Lancome

This musky fragrance features a sweet, fruity, rose, woody, and soft spicy scent that’s extremely alluring on a woman. The perfume has a very temptation like quality to it. Whenever you’re in public, you should feel a sense of attraction when wearing this perfume.

The perfume opens up a bit fruity with strawberry and rose as the two feature notes.

The heart of the perfume features Jasmine, peony, cassis, and pink pepper. The floral and fresh spices can be quite noticeable in this perfume.

Finally, the based notes feature musk, vanilla, and cedar. The sweetness of the vanilla, and the woody cedar really balance well with the musk.

The longevity is very long-lasting. The fragrance can stay fresh throughout the night. The silage is very heavy. Most women wear this perfume in the night when out on a date.


5.) Narciso Rodriguez de Musc Eau e Parfum

The final perfume featuring musk is Narciso Rodriguez for Her. This perfume is captivating in many ways. The musky, powdery, floral, woody, amber, and rose perfume is very welcoming on a woman. Narciso Rodriguez launched this perfume in 2011.

The top notes feature iris and rose. It opens ups very floral. The middle notes include musk. The base notes amber.

The longevity is described as moderate. The fragrance should stay fresh on the skin up to 8-10 hours. The silage is very soft.

Some customers have described it as have a very creamy and fancy soap scent. The fragrance is often described as clean, with a subtle sweetness to it. The musk is described as being very bright in this perfume.

The best time to wear this perfume is during the day in warming climates. It’s more of a spring time perfume, but it can be worn during the summer and fall too. The fragrances are too light for winter climates.


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