Best Smelling Perfume for Women That Won’t Disappoint

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Best Smelling Perfume for WomenA good smelling perfume is always welcoming for a woman to wear. However, the best smelling perfume for women that won’t disappoint can take you over the top. That perfect signature fragrance can make any woman feel more confident and attractive. I have always enjoyed a woman who spells very refreshing. Our aroma senses always pick up on refreshing smelling colognes and perfumes. When we smell our best, we’re making a very nice impression when we’re in social circles.

Women love their perfumes, and guys love how they smell on them. Wearing the a perfume that smells best for women can really make a big statement to a guy. Being a man myself, I have always found myself intrigued with a girl who not only looked her best, but also smelled different and unique.

A good smelling perfume can really linger, and its usually the first thing a guy actually thinks about with a woman too. It’s true, of course physical attraction, personality, preferences, and other things are needs men consider too. Everyone needs something to identify with a person, and what better way to remind them than with a refreshing aroma smell that captures their senses.

Perfume might not exactly be a love potion, but if you’re trying to make a big statement, then wearing a sexy attractive smelling perfume does help make a better impression on everyone you encounter in your life. So let, me help some of you women out there find the best some of the most desirable, sexy, and simply the best fragrances a woman can wear. These great smelling perfumes will leave everyone asking one question, what kind of perfume are you wearing?

Different Types of Perfumes to Buy

Perfumes are made two different ways. The first comes from natural sources that mostly¬† includes plants from our nature. That’s the most commonly popular fragrance notes used. These are known as essential oils. They’re usually the most refreshing smelling fragrances, and the least likely to irritate the skin for those with sensitive skin. Some animal sources are used to make up of some of these aromas too. Honeycomb is a popular one used to give a sweeten aroma smell.

The second method is with synthetic sources of aroma compounds, by applying two different chemicals together to give an aroma smell. It’s very common for most perfumes to contain a synthesized odorant. These fragrances aren’t naturally found in nature like essential oils.
Synthetics might seem like a weaker, and poorer perfume, but it really does vary at times to how each perfume is produced. In some ways synthetics can actually be better than natural aroma’s, as they can be a little more consistent compared to nature. Sometimes synthetics can be even stronger, and must be diluted while making the perfume.

For aroma’s I don’t think one is clearly better than the other, although essential oils are still by far the most popular, and commonly produced perfumes on market. It costs more money to distill essential oils, and produce them as a fragrance. But like most things, it largely depends on the product. Synthetics can are usually much cheaper, but sometimes synthetic produce perfumes can cost a pretty pent. It largely depends on the chemical compounds used, and the costs required to make the perfume that determines its price.

Eurphoria By Calvin Klein for Women

Calvin Klein is the master at providing some of best perfumes and colognes for women and men to wear. The company has been one of the top-selling fragrances for the last few decades. Customers are speaking very highly of the Eurphoria that was released in 2006 and it is still among the best smelling perfumes for women to wear. Calvin Klein is a trusted brand to shop by. Most of their fragrance signatures are always among the most popular to wear.

The Eurphoria has gotten a lot of positive remarks by customers who’ve worn this perfume. Some really cheaply made perfumes can smell good right away, but become very stale or weaken as time goes on. This is not a problem with the Eurphoria. Customers have worn this very sweet smelling perfume up to 4-8 years later, and it still hasn’t lost any of its fragrance.
Long lasting smells, and many compliments, along with other women asking what perfume they’re wearing have been some of the positive reviews given by customers who have bought the Eurphoria by Calvin Klein.


L’Eau Par Kenzo by Kenzo for Women

I remember a girlfriend of mine wearing this perfume years back, and how striking it was for me. This fragrance seemed to stay with me, and always gave me an instant and warm reminder of her anytime I’d smell it. These are the types of fragrances all women dream of having, and making that type of impression on a guy. It was launched back in 1997 but is still one of the best fragrances out on the market. The blend of fresh-cut flowers contain in water aroma makes for a very refreshing, sweet, and feminine smell. A lot of women love the L’Eau Par.

It’s not an outdated perfume, and it still can be a hit among guys 10 years later after buying. A lot of customers on amazon have remarked how the smell of flowers is a very feminine and alluring aroma to wear for girls. Any girl that’s trying to make a lasting impression on a guy friend should considering using a very welcoming fragrance like this.


Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

The Viva La Juicy is basically an essential oil made perfume. Some women and men like natural smelling aroma’s best. They’re least likely to irritate the skin in compared to synthetic chemically used perfumes. Some of the best notes used include top notes of Mandarine & Wild Berries; mid notes of Honeysuckle, Jasmine & Gardenia; base notes include finish of Amber, Carmel Woods, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Paraline.

This makes for a very fruity, sweet, refreshing, and erotic kind of aroma that makes for one of the best smelling fragrances on the market for women. It’s a little more expensive, but might be one of the top perfumes for women.


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