Best Strawberry Perfume Smelling Fragrances

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best strawberry perfume smelling fragrancesStrawberry is my absolutely favorite fruit snack. I am a strawberry-coholic. It’s known for its high nutrition value of vitamins and minerals. Strawberry also makes for one of the best smelling perfumes when used in women’s fragrances. Strawberries are grown in the wild nature. They are the widely grown species of the genus Fragaria. Most commonly used as a fruit to eat, strawberry also features a familiar fruity and sweet aroma scent much like its taste. Strawberry comes across as having an intimacy odor profile. Strawberries are sometimes seen as a romantic fruit, and this doesn’t really differ much as a fragrance.

Along with its notable sweetness and fruity quality aromas, strawberry can be a very deep and complex aroma. Sometimes strawberry is noted for having a very subtle spicy scent. The scent comes off as very innocent like. It’s not overbearing to the nose, it has an overall very subtle quality.

The adorable fruit of strawberry doesn’t hold much back if you’re looking for the type of perfume that speaks to the sweet, innocent, and adoring personality of a woman. You’re going to come across as a passionate and with a thrilling persona when encountered by others. So let’s take a good look at some of he best strawberry scented perfumes for women to wear.

Top 5 Smelling Strawberry Perfumes

1.) Coach Poppy Blossom By Coach

The first strawberry scented fragrance of Coach Poppy Blosso is very rich and exotic. Coach Poppy Blossom will deliver the kind of sexy, fruity, and sweetness that should be worn on a woman. The perfume was launched in 2012.

Coach Poppy Blossom doesn’t try to hide from what it tries to be. You’re getting the most fruity, sweet, and feminist kind of scent. The fragrances comes off very playful and cheerful. If you’re the type of person that has a very bright and exuberant personality, then I would think Coach Poppy Blossom would come calling your name.

The perfume is going to charm the hearts of those around you. The aroma scents will stop men in their tracks. There’s a very flirt kind of fun charm to this scent.

The featured fragrance notes include litchi, strawberry, mandarin orange, freesia, lily-of-the-valley.

The longevity is very moderate. It should stay fresh on the skin up to 10 hours. The silage is very soft.

Most women find Coach Poppy perfume very lovely, juicy, and tender.


2.) Strawberries and Champagne Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret has launched one of the most original scented fragrances you’ll ever find. The combination of strawberry and champagne is extremely extravagantly delicious on a woman. The aroma scents can be described as very rich and luxurious. Women can feel like the most beautiful person in the world when wearing this perfume.

The fragrance notes include strawberry, champagne, black currant, chamomile, and aloe vera.

This perfume is going to be extremely romantic, sweet, and innocent to men. If you’re planning a very romantic evening with someone special, I can’t think why this perfume wouldn’t be very enchanting in front of a man.

The longevity and silage is rather poor though. The perfume smells very lovely, but doesn’t last very long.


3.) Marc Jacobs Daisy So Fresh Sunshine

Everyone needs more sunshine in their life. That’s kinda the aim of the So Fresh Sunshine women’s fragrance. This perfume is exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to its fresh floral and fruity fragrances.

The fruity, citrus, tropical, fresh, and sweet scents are going to be the life of the party.

The fruity fragrances really speak to the essence of summer. The scents are very soft, comforting, playful, and delightful. You should pick up a pretty noticeable strawberry scent that’s both fruity and sweet.

Women that have worn this perfume have nothing but positive things to say. The perfume is bringing out the best in their confidence in feeling attractive.

The longevity is described as being moderate. The perfume should last up to 10 hours on the skin. The silage is described as being moderate. You should have no problem wearing this perfume on the beach during the warmest hours. It’s daytime fragrance only.


4.) Hanae Mori for Women

Hanae Morie perfume is a very sweet, fruity, floral with a noticeable amount of woody and patchouli. The perfume isn’t just going to smell pleasant, but it’s going to come across as quite exotic on a woman.

The top notes feature bergamot, black currant, apple, and orange blossom. A fresh spicy floral is the opening scents .

The heart of he perfume is where you’ll notice strawberry featured. Wild strawberries, jasmine, tea rose, toffee, and patchouli are the middle notes. Once you’ve entered the heart of the perfume, you’re getting a very woody floral scent, with strawberry as one of the predominate scents noticed.

The base notes feature benzoin, vanilla, cedar, and sandalwood. The base of the perfume still stays feminine with its sweet vanilla scent, but is heavily featured with woody fragrance scents as well. A nice contrast of balance to keep a woman smelling distinctive.

The best time to wear this perfume is during the day. It’s not an overwhelming scent. The longevity isn’t long-lasting either.


5.) The Body Shop Body Mist Strawberry

If you just want a strawberry scented fragrance, then Body Shop Mist can give you that favorable, fruity, and sweet strawberry scent. Smelling just like a strawberry isn’t exactly a bad quality on a woman.

The body mist doesn’t just smell like strawberries though. It has a twist of coconut scented aroma, that’s extremely sexy. Some people also pick up a little bit of vanilla as a scent. Even though it’s just a body mist, it’s a bit distinctive as an aroma.

The sweetness doesn’t come across as overbearing either. It’s a very calming sweet strawberry scented fragrance that can be used during the day.

I think this would make for the perfect gym perfume. When working out the fragrances aren’t very heavy. They won’t make you sweat bullets, while keeping you smelling fruity and fresh.

The longevity and the silage as you’d probably expect isn’t the strongest. This is just a cheap but pleasant strawberry scent to wear.


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