Cheap Perfumes for Women That Smell Expensive

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Cheap Perfumes for Women That Smell ExpensiveCheap perfumes for women that smell expensive are every women’s dreams. Perfumes can be both cheap but still smell exotic. Perfumes and fragrances can be found in almost every woman’s wardrobe. Women like to smell good, and turn up prim and proper in every social do.

Fragrances are one of the accessories that are must-haves for them, and help them to turn on their charm even more. When it comes to modern fragrances, there is really no dearth of choices to be encountered these days. There are plenty of fragrances which are priced on the affordable side but smell really elegant and expensive. Read and know about some of the best perfumes for women that smell expensive.

The Best Cheap Perfumes for Women That Smell Expensive

Vera Wang Princess by Vera Wang for Women – 3.4 Ounce EDT Spray

It comes from the brand known as Vera Wang, and is loved by scores of customers for its flowery scent. The sweet fragrance stays all day long, and many customers have reported that the scent changes its smell all through the day and ultimately changes into a base fragrance. This is meant for women and has a feminine smell, and men love it on the women in their lives.

It is for sophisticated women who love to dress well, and step out in style. Many women report that the scent is floral and extremely fresh, and not too overpowering – just as they like their fragrances to be. For the price it comes at, the bottle is really large and the entire product is extremely value for money for most customers. It should be stored in a cool, dry place to be retained for a long time.


Guess Seductive by Guess 2.5 oz 75 ml EDT Spray

It is from the popular brand known as GUESS, and the smell is slightly floral and mostly of fragrant wood and spices. Customers like the scent for the fact that it is floral and light, and not too heavy to the senses. The mellow smell makes this scent absolutely delightful to use in any type of occasion, whether on birthdays or on weddings, graduation ceremonies or even casual hanging out with friends. Most buyers have reported that they have loved the smell themselves and have even got compliments pouring in from friends and loved ones. This is particularly cool for evening wear.

Although priced affordably, it is an expensive smelling perfume. The fact that it comes from the renowned brand Guess is reason enough for most buyers, especially those who love the brand’s other offerings, to go for this fragrance.


Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker for Women, Eau de Parfum, 3.4-Ounce Spray Bottle

It comes from actress Sarah Jessica Parker of “Sex and the City” fame. It has a beautiful, sensual fragrance and this signature scent has been praised by most of the buyers due to the fact that it lasts for a really long time. The fragrance has a floral smell and is extremely feminine in type. It can be used with any type of clothing and it is greener and crisper than most other scents which are available on the market today.

This is a long-lasting fragrance which has bowled over many buyers. The scent seems to have ticked all the right boxes, as is evident from the highly positive reviews and ratings that it has received from customers as well as reviewers.


Taylor Swift Women’s Wonderstruck Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4 Fluid Ounce

It is from the singing superstar Taylor Swift, and comes with a smell of soft petals and sweet aromatic fruits such as raspberry, freesia and apple blossom. This is a signature fragrance with a feminine smell and has hints of sandalwood and golden amber, with slight hint of lush peach.

There is also the fragrance of white hibiscus, vanilla and honeysuckle in this scent, which has been appreciated by customers – mostly female ones.
However, even men like it on their women and praise its beautiful smell. It has been liked by most buyers due to its sweet smell and the fact that it lasts all through the day. If you do not like a fragrance which smells strong, this is just the kind of scent that you would probably like to have.


Glow By Jennifer Lopez For Women. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Ounces

It is from singing icon Jennifer Lopez, and this fresh-smelling fragrance is the first one which has been launched by her. The scent comes with a combination of vanilla, amber and other fruits and flowers. The scent is sensuous and quite arousing, as most buyers have reported. Most of the customers love this fragrance due to the fact that it is soft and feminine but not too girly. It smells fresh and clean, not overpowering.

The smell is a curious mix of old time elegance and youthful appeal. The soft scent has a long-lasting smell and comes in a perfect package. It is an expensive smelling perfume for women. Most women praise it for the fact that it can be worn everywhere, whether on a date night or to office or simply for hanging out with friends at the time of shopping.


Arden Beauty By Elizabeth Arden For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 Ounces

It is from the major US fragrance and cosmetics brand Elizabeth Arden, and the scent has a very floral smell. This fragrance is very feminine in form and it can last for a long time after being applied. A lot of buyers have praised the product and expressed happiness that using it does not give rise to irritation, redness and other symptoms of allergy. This is an organic scent and has a natural, fresh aroma which has been appreciated by most of the customers.

The effects of the fragrance tends to last through the day, and is not too sharp – which means bystanders, family members and colleagues do not have any issues with the smell. The scent blends well with any type of outfit and occasion, and is also affordable to buy. It is one of the cheap perfumes for women, although only in price and not in terms of quality.


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