Chocolate Scented Perfume That Guys Like

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Chocolate Scented Perfume That Guys LikeI am sure anyone that’s actually alive, with a developed cognitive is familiar with chocolate. There’s not a more popular and well-known sweetener than chocolate. Chocolate is no stranger when it comes to its sweet taste, surprisingly, chocolate doesn’t make for a overly sweet fragrance smell. The smell of chocolate can definitely be described as rich though.

Chocolate comes from the cocoa beans, known fruits that are grown from a cocoa tree. This might be one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind, since chocolate is arguably the most delicious condiment known to man-kind. I can’t think of any person that’s ever said I don’t like the taste of chocolate. Whether most commonly used as desserts, snacks, or even as an added ingredient in main dishes, there’s no denying the delicious taste of chocolate.

If you want to smell like a sweet and delicious chocolate scented perfume, then you’ve come to the right place. These are the kind of scents guys find very seductive, deep, and sophisticated on a woman. So let’s dive in head first, and see which chocolate perfumes smell the most pleasurable on an attractive woman.

The Best Chocolate Selling Perfumes

1.) Chocomania The Body Shop for Women

One of the most original smelling chocolate fragrances for women is the Chocomania. Introduced to women in 2013 as a fragrance, this sweet smelling chocolate fragrance features just dark chocolate and sugar cane. The dark richness of the scent keeps a woman feeling very luxurious, endearing, and captivating.

The Chocomania comes off as very moderate in longevity that can least between 6-8 hours. The silage is very soft to moderate. You won’t leave a very strong aroma fragrance. You can wear this during the winter climates. The dark chocolate seems to mesh well during cooler climates opposed to warm weather.

The sexy fragrance with its musky cocoa quality aroma takes an exotic turn that leaves a woman feeling enchanted when used as their signature fragrance.

Are you planning a date with a particular individual? The luxurious dark chocolate can make a very bold, dashing, and exotic appearance on a man.


2.) Missoni Perfume for Women

One of the more mystic cacao smelling perfumes for women to wear is Missoni Perfume. It’s top notes feature a mandarin orange, bergamot, and bitter orange, giving off a very citrus aroma scent.

The hint of floral fruity notes are very light to wear. The middles notes consist of peony, rose, and magnolia.

The based notes feature chocolate and amber. Once it enters the base of the scents, you’re then getting a very exotic and sweet alluring smell that will get the boys flocking your way.

Missoni was created by Maurice Roucel and Trudi Loren. The longevity is rated as moderate to long lasting. This should keep the fragrance fresh within 8-12 hours during the day. This is a very light silage that’s not overpowering on the body.

There’s a creamy soft sexiness to this perfume. It’s very deep in its aromas, where the chocolate gives the perfume its sweet feminist aroma. The orange citrus fragrances go very well with the chocolate. Each fragrance brings out the best in the other.


3.) Vera Wang Princess for Women

The bottle itself of Princess Vera Wang is kinda cute. It does have a princess charm to it. Does it make one smell like a princess though? Sure it does!

Vera Wang Princess isn’t purely a chocolate smelling fragrance. Chocolate is one of the featured fragrances, but it’s described as more of an oriental floral scent.

The vanilla, sweet, cacao, fruity, and white floral aromas gives this perfume a combination of irrepressible kind of sexiness.

The perfume starts off a bit fruity and fresh. The top notes include apricot, mandarin orange, apple, and water lily.

Once you enter the heart of the perfume you start to get that sweet floral scent, with a noticeable amount of chocolate. The middle notes include tuberose, guava, dark chocolate, and tiara flower.

The base notes of the perfume enters a deeper sweet, amber, and woodsy aroma scent. These combination of fragrances notes are quite evident and daring!

The longevity is moderated lasting up to 8 hours. The silage isn’t very overwhelming either.

The description often used for this perfume is a chocolate smell with vanilla, along with a noticeable hint of flowers. The sweetness of chocolate and vanilla makes the perfume almost good enough to eat.


4.) No1 Feathered Musk Victoria’s Secret for Women

Victoria’s Secret launched an ever sweet perfume combined with musk aroma scents. Musk is a very dynamic fragrance that integrates itself nicely with sweeter fragrances like dark chocolate.

The Musk Victoria’s Secret starts off very fruity. Black cherry adds a tart-like sweetness to the perfume. The middle note includes dark chocolate, and the base of the perfume features musk.

Musk and chocolate are both comforting fragrances that are very exotic and alluring in combination. What makes this a great perfume is that its very calming. It settles the senses very nicely. You’re not going to get an overpowering scent. That’s a good thing too, since your peers won’t care to taste scents in their mouth, even if its a chocolate scent.

Some people do notice more cherry than chocolate. Cherry is one of those fruity fragrances that stands out as a fragrance, and can tend to be a bit more dominate than chocolate. However, no need to worry since chocolate does seem to be quite noticeable by many in this perfume.


5.) The Taste of Fragrance Angel Thierry Mugler

And finally, we have The Taste of Fragrance Angel by Thierry Mugler. This perfume is probably the most sweetest listed of the five. The chocolate used is a bit unique. It’s a little richer and sweeter. Also, the dark rich chocolate is combined with caramel, vanilla to give it a very balanced sweet aroma scent.

The patchouli is a very dynamic base note also featured, providing a spicy woodsy scent. The perfume is often described as being very warm.

This is the kind of perfume you’d want to wear on a date. The longevity and silage is very strong. The perfume should last at least 24 hours.


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