Exotic Perfume with Patchouli

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Exotic Perfume with PatchouliPatchouli is a fragrance note that sometimes get’s described as smelling like weed. It’s widely recognized as a herbal woody scented fragrance that’s commonly used in both woman and men’s perfume. Patchouli comes off as extremely exotic, and belongs to the mint family coming from the plant genus Pogostemom. The plant of patchouli is sometimes described as an exotic bush. Patchouli is most recognized as having a very strong and heavy scent. It’s usually featured as a base note in men’s and women’s fragrances, but can sometimes be used as a middle note too.

Patchouli often described as smelling like weed, is most notable for having a strong spicy scent, combined with a very earthy, herbal, and fresh aroma. It’s a very rich and long-lasting fragrance. Of all the woody fragrances, patchouli probably comes across the strongest. Having the right balance of patchouli is the trick, because too much of this fragrance becomes overwhelming to the nose.

A very subtle floral musk is sometimes noticed in patchouli too. The smell of patchouli goes extremely well with a lot of sweeter fragrances. It gives perfume an extra bite of an exotic aroma that’s too enticing to the nose.

Do you want to smell incredibly sexy? Do you want your fragrance to have a lustful appearance on others? If the answers are yes, then let’s get right to it! I am going to list the absolute best 5 women’s perfumes that feature patchouli as one of its main base notes. These are perfumes you should not wear if you don’t want to make an imprint amongst others.

Best Patchouli Smelling Perfumes That Are Sexy

1.) Tom Ford White Patchouli for Women

Tom Ford is one of the leading companies in producing some of the finest fragrances for both men and women. The Tom Ford Patchouli for Women perfume comes across as very sophisticated, rich, and alluring. The fragrance scents are white floral, patchouli, balsamic, warm spicy, and rose.

When wearing this perfume, be aware, men might start hinting on you from left to right. This is a very expensive perfume that should only be worn on special occasions.

The perfume opens up very floral and spicy. Featured fragrance notes include bergamot, peony, coriander, and white flowers.

The middle notes feature rose, jasmine, and musk mallow.

The base notes feature patchouli, incense, and woody notes.

As a perfume the patchouli is very spicy, herbal, and woodsy. This isn’t a sweet scented perfume, but it still smells absolutely delicious on a woman. It’s a very bold, boastful, and daring fragrance. There’s nothing sweet nor innocent about it.


2.) Reserve Perry Ellis for Women

Reserve Perry Ellis is going knock men right out of their shoes! The fragrance can be described as a floral, fresh spicy, woody, earthy, with a patchouli aroma.

Men will stop in their tracks, and turn their heads when you’re wearing this perfume. The fragrance notes feature ginger, sandalwood, chamomile, patchouli, violet, freesia, oakmoss, lotus, marigold, and rose.

This is a very floral and feministic fragrance. If a perfume isn’t very sweet, then it’s usually very floral and fresh. Floral fragrances complemented with patchouli is the secret to sexy aromas that drives men absolutely wild.

Wear the fragrance in public, and notice more male attraction. The perfume can be worn during the day and night. It’s not very expensive but it still smells very exotic.


3.) Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf for Women

I just love the name itself. I mean who wouldn’t love the name Flowerbomb? Flowerbomb doesn’t just have a really cool name. Flowerbomb might be the best perfume on the market.

The price tag is rather high, but the perfume is guaranteed to not disappoint at all. The fragrance comes across as very floral, patchouli, green, and citrusy.

The perfume opens up with fragrance notes that include bergamot, green tea, and osmanthus. All very herbal and floral scents.

The middle notes include jasmine, African orange flower, freesia, rose, and orchid.

The base notes is where you notice musk and patchouli. Making for a very exotic, herbal, and spicy scent. Women will ask what perfume this is, and men will throw more glances and smiles your direction.

The longevity is very long lasting. The scent will stay with you throughout the entire day. The silage is very strong. It’s best to use during night-time only.


4.) Neonatura Cocoon Yves Rocher for Women

This is an extremely luxurious and very expensive perfume for women to wear. Most people probably won’t want to spend this much money on a fragrance. However, it is not cheap in style, scent, longevity, or silage either.

The perfume comes across as oriental, alluring, sweet, and sexy. It has cacao, warm spicy, patchouli, sweet, and vanilla aroma scents.

The four feature fragrances notes include vanilla, patchouli, chocolate, and cacao.

The longevity of the perfume is long lasting. The scent remains as strong as ever 24 hours later. The silage is very heavy too.

You can wear this perfume during the day and night. It’s best to wear during the fall and winter, as the fragrance notes are rather heavy and strong.

The warm scents are a hit among women fragrance lovers. Sexy, dark, sophisticated, seductive, and exotic are some of the descriptions used to describe Cocoon Yves Rocher for Women.


5.) Vanille Patchouli By Molinard for Women

The perfume of Vanille Patchouli combines for a sweet and herbal spicy scent. Talk about making a presence as a casual worn perfume fragrance. The fragrance notes featured include vanilla, caramel, orange, and patchouli.

Some customers who have bought this perfume complain that there’s not enough patchouli in it. However, patchouli can be too overwhelming on its own for women’s perfume. Another customer notes that both patchouli and vanilla are noticeable, but more subtle as a scent. The patchouli scent is described as being quite earthy.

So if you’re looking for a stronger patchouli perfume scent, then you might not prefer this fragrance. The longevity is described as being moderate. It should last on the skin up to 10 hours. It has a very soft silage.

The perfume should be worn casually during the day.


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