Popular Perfume Fragrances That Are Commonly Used

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Popular Perfume Fragrances That Are Commonly UsedThere are plenty of popular perfume fragrances which are commonly used today, and are popular among buyers. Essential oils are one of the commonest ingredients in many perfumes, and are used to add scent and enhance the aroma. Women love to know what type of fragrances are hot to wear to smell absolutely irresistible. Maybe there’s a new man in your life that you’re trying to please that might help capture that.

Plenty of oils of this are extracted from organic materials such as spices, herbs, woods and plants. They make some of the most popular and highly sought out fragrances used in the most luxurious perfumes. Read on and know some of the main types of popular perfume and fragrances consisting of essential oils which are used by buyers today.


10 Popular Perfume Fragrances for Women

Lavender Oil Fragrances

Lavender oil comes from the lavender plant and is used frequently in fragrances which are billed as rest inducing or calming. Almost every fragrance which consists of a proprietary combination of different ingredients and are designed to help relax the mind, comprise of lavender.

Lavender Pre-Diluted Essential Oil Roll-On 10 ml (1/3 fl oz) by Plant Therapy Essential Oils, Lavender & Sage Perfume Oil – Essential Oil Perfume by Violet Twig Aromatics, Majickal Moon perfume spray.

Pumpkin Lavender Floral eau de parfum by Melodie Perfumes, French Lavender Perfume Oil – 1.7 oz in Premium Glass Bottle by Scentsational Shoppe Inc and 2 oz – Bargz Perfume – Lavender Incense Oil Scented Fragrance by Bargz are some of the popular lavender oil fragrances.

Patchouli Oil Fragrances

When it comes to the production of organic fragrances, oil which is distilled from patchouli plant are ever present. This is a type of unique oil which is usually used in items which are labeled as warm or earthy. These can also be added into proprietary scent combinations which are devised to help relax the mind.

La Tee Da Fragrance Lamp Oil 32 Oz Pandamonium (Patchouli) by La-Tee-Da, PATCHOULI x 2 Perfume Roll On Fragrance Oils 12ml EXTRA STRONG by House Of Candles and Amrita Aromatherapy: Organic Ylang Ylang Patchouli Essential Oil Perfume, 100% by Amrita are some famous perfume fragrances.

Agar Oil Fragrances

Agar oil is also referred to as agarwood oil, and the scent is frequently used in sensual or earthy combinations. This type of oil is common in scents which are Asian blends and it is frequently categorized as an oriental ingredient.

Ambrosial – Fragrances of Heaven Arochem Hayati Oriental Attar Concentrated by Ambrosial – Fragrances of Heaven and Al Haramain Safa – Oriental Perfume Oil [10ml] by Al Haramain are two popular fragrances containing Agar oil.

Amber Oil Fragrances

In plenty of varied perfumes, Amber oil happens to be a staple fixture. This is particularly true for scents which fall into the category of Oriental perfumes. Amber oil is included frequently in proprietary blends which are regarded as sensual or warm. A lot of amber oils which are used in such combinations happen to be synthetic in form.

Nemat Fragrances Amber White Oil 10ml- 1/3oz by Nemat, Amber White Fragrance Oil 10 ML by Halal Everyday and KUUMBA MADE AMBER AND SANDALWOOD 1/8 oz by Thinkpichaidai are some popular fragrances.

Opium Oil fragrances

The name might give rise to some confusion, but they are actually harmless in form. Most of these oils are extracted out of flowers. In the production of opium oil, poppies happen to be a staple. But the flowers which are used in opium oils cannot be regarded as the same as the ones which are used for creating drugs with a similar name.

Buyers have to be aware that “Opium essential oil” as a term can be also used for describing a type of oil which is a blend of ingredients sourced from different flowers, plants and woods.

1 oz – Bargz Perfume – Opium Body Oil For Men Scented Fragrance by Bargz, Roll On Black Opium Perfume Oil 1/3 oz by Auric Blends & BeWild Bracelet by Auric Blends Bewild and Lasa Aromatics Natural Perfume Oil Opium Fragrance 100% Pure and Natural by Lasa Aromatics are good ones to go for.

Sandalwood Oil Fragrances

This kind of oil is used widely for producing fragrances for women as well as for men. It can be found often in warm or woody blends.

Buyers can go for Nemat Fragrances Sandalwood by Nemat and KUUMBA MADE AMBER AND SANDALWOOD 1/8 oz by Thinkpichaidai.

Lemongrass Oil Fragrances

Lemongrass oil, similar to Bergamot oil, is utilized in a lot of blends which are regarded as enlivening or energizing. Such kind of oil is a regular fixture in blends from the Middle East and Asia. It can be mistaken easily for other citrus oils.

VERBENA & LEMONGRASS x 2 Perfume Roll On Fragrance Oils 12ml EXTRA STRONG by House Of Candles is a good one to buy.

Jasmine Oil Fragrances

This is a type of rich oil derived from the beautiful Jasmine flowers. It is often incorporated in scent combinations which are regarded as feminine or romantic. There is a unique, overpowering scent in Jasmine oil and this is the reason it is often sparingly used in such combinations. Jasmine oils are also included in summer and spring perfumes.

Go for Maroma Fragrance, Night Jasmine, .34 Fluid Ounce by Maroma and Magic Of India Natural Fragrant Oil Jasmine Fragrance 100% Pure and Natural by Magic Of India.

Bergamot Oil Fragrances

This type of oil is citrus-based oil and is used in perfumes in order to add a fresh and light note. It can be incorporated in a lot of blends which are regarded as enlivening or energizing. It can also be added to fragrances which are created for aromatherapy cleansing purposes. You will find this kind of perfume fragrance commonly used.

You can get Creed Imperial Impression By Quality Fragrance Oils (Roll On) Millesime by Quality Fragrance Oils and Abhaibhubejhr Plai Oil Bergamot Fragrance by Abhaibhubejhr.

Rose Oil Fragrances

This kind of essential oil is a part of fragrances which are created for promoting balance and relaxation. Rose oil, due to its perceived worth, is listed often on fragrance packages by its name. Keep in mind that some of the perfumes make use of rose water, and the scent is much weaker than that of rose oil.

Buyers can purchase 2 oz, Light Orange – Bargz Perfume – Roses De Chloe Body Oil For Women Scented by Bargz and Jurlique Essence of Rose Roll-On Fragrance, 0.37 Fluid Ounce by Jurlique.

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