Top 5 Grapefruit Perfume Smelling Fragrances

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Top 5 Grapefruit Perfume Smelling FragrancesGrapefruit is one of the most commonly used essential oils in women’s perfume. A grapefruit smelling perfume comes across as a happy smell that’s very up lifting with its fruitiness quality. Although grapefruit is considered a citrus fragrance, it has a much more calming effect compared to other citrus’ like orange and lime. The tart, tangy, and bitterness of grapefruit gives off a dynamic scent. The smell leaves one feeling extremely sumptuous.

Majority of grapefruit is harvested in Florida. The fragrance grapefruit is most commonly used as a top note. Although unlike many of the other citrus fragrances, grapefruit can be used as middle notes and even sometimes as based notes in perfumes.

If you’re searching for good aroma scented perfume with grapefruit, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I am going to go over some of the absolutely most pleasurable women’s perfumes that features grapefruit. Grapefruit can complement majority of the most popular women’s spices, sweets, citrus, and even woody fragrances typically used in perfume.

Top 5 Grapefruit Smelling Perfumes

These are the five most charming, sexy, and inviting fragrances that you won’t want to miss out on!

1.) Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

In September 2010, Victoria’s Secret’s delightful fragrance called Bombshell made its presence. These fragrances in the Bombshell perfume are sweet, fruity, citrus, fresh, and floral. For women that want attention, and feel they’re lacking it, the sexy and boastful fragrance will make sure you’re noticed more.

The top notes feature tangerine, grapefruit, pineapple, strawberry, and passionfruit. Very fruity and calming fragrances. The middle notes include vanilla orchid, jasmine, red berries, lil-of-the-valley, and peony. The heart of the fragrance is quite floral with an extravagant scent of freshness.

The base notes include musk, woody notes, and oakmoss. The Bombsell doesn’t come off too sweet for women that don’t like overpowering sweet scented perfumes. The contrast of the floral, subtle-sweetness, and citrus fruity scents make it a very deep and sophisticated perfume.

The fresh fruitiness of the perfume is probably one of the most noticeable qualities. This is a rather light fragrance that would work best during the spring and summer. The longevity is moderate, and can last up to 14 hours. The silage is moderate. Not too overpowering, but still a rather decent scent can be picked up on.


2.) Joy of Pink Lacoste for Women

The name Joy of Pink is quite feminine, and obviously a fragrance that’s heavily marketed towards women wanting to smell like women. Grapefruit is the sole top note featured. You do get a much more noticeable scent of grapefruit in this perfume. It opens up rather fresh.

The heart of the perfumes features a unique curaƧao, and peony. The base notes feature musk and Virginia cedar. These combination of scents are truly exquisitely enticing on a woman

It’s not the longest lasting perfume. It should stay fresh as a scent up to 8 hours. A very soft silage doesn’t make it overwhelming to the nose.

It’s a light but charming scent that can be worn during the day. Summer and spring are the perfect climates that the fragrance can be worn in. Curacao and grapefruit are the two notes that really stand out the most in Joy of Pink.


3.) Bombshell Summer Victoria’s Secret

The Bombshell Summer fragrance is different than the Bombshell perfume I previously mention. Although somewhat similar, both of these perfumes do feature grapefruit as one of its predominate notes.

Grapefruit along with Lily-of-the-Valley, and black currant are the three featured fragrance notes. The perfume is very soft, fresh, floral, and spicy. It’s very green in its freshness, with an aroma that reminds you of summer.

The fragrance should be a big hit among those with cheerful personalities. That’s one of the descriptions often used for this perfume. It has a very cheerful quality as a scent. The lightness and refreshing scents will bring smiles to those you encounter.

Bright, punchy, exotic, and romantic is some of the other descriptions used from women customers. Wear it with pride, and confidence. Then see if it makes a difference to those you happen to encounter.

The longevity and silage is rated as moderate.


4.) Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Hermes

The citrus, green, floral, with a tropical virtue to this perfume will make one thing of exotic beaches on a warm sunny day.

The perfumes opens up as very fruity and citrus. The top notes feature grapefruit, tomato, carrot, and green mango. A very nice combination of different fruits are used.

The heart of the perfume features orange, peony, bulrush, hiacynth, and lotus.

The base notes feature labdanum, iris, cinnamon, musk, and incense. The combination of these fragrances are quite exotic and sexy on a woman.

Even though this is a summer-time perfume, the fragrances are pretty long-lasting. You probably can wear this perfume throughout the entire day. For women that love citrus smelling fragrances, this perfume shouldn’t disappoint at all.

Some of the fragrance notes used are very unique. Grapefruit gives a nice balance, and is well noticed in this perfume. Fresh and unique is the most common descriptions given by women.


5.) Daisy Marc Jacobs for Women

The final perfume featuring the fruity grapefruit scent is Daisy March Jacobs. This perfume has a very ozonic quality. It’s known to be quite seductive on a woman.

The perfume opens up as quite fruity and citrusy. Blood grapefruit, strawberry, and violet leaf are the top notes.

The heart of the perfume is a white floral scent featuring gardenia, violet, and Jasmine. The base notes feature vanilla, musk, and white woods.

Grapefruit is very noticeable as a scent.

The longevity is moderate, only lasting up to 12 hours. The silage is soft-to-moderate. Some people notice a very subtle hint of banana in this perfume. Temptation will come calling from others when you’re wearing this perfume.

The best time to wear this perfume is during the day. It’s rather light and the perfect perfume to wear during the spring.

And that will conclude the top 5 perfumes that feature grapefruit.


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