Women’s Perfume That Smells Like Roses

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Perfume That Smells Like RosesWomen’s perfume that smells like roses seems is to be something most women would love to wear. Women don’t just love roses because of of their beautiful red and pink petals. Roses make for an extraordinary appearance, because they’re very beautiful looking perennial flowers that capture the eyes. There’s no denying their romantic appearance, but many people also adore their smell. So smelling a rose is very nice, but what about actually smelling like a rose? Do roses really make for a delightful smelling fragrance on a woman? Well sure they do, why not? The perennial flowers are automatically identified as being romantic, and that’s mostly because of its smell.

So it would make a lot of sense, that a perfume that features a fragrance of rose is going to give off a very alluring smell. Rose makes an impression in both appearance and smell that stands in a category alone. Although subjective, the overall consensus seems pretty undeniable. This luxurious flower doesn’t just make for strikingly pleasing smell, but its quite unique as an aroma worn on women. The fragrance is commonly known in women’s perfume, but surprisingly not widely used. It’s very refreshing and lively smell brings out a certain kind of quality that can be viewed as nothing short of extraordinary.

Rose has as an aroma fragrance has many different descriptions. It’s often described as a lemony, citrus, fruity, powdery, feminine, clean smell, with also a touch of woody notes. You’re not going to find too many women that object to the smell of roses.

As a flower rose captures our eyes, but as a fragrance it breeds attraction on a woman. Rose is a very feminine quality aroma. It’s one of the world’s most beautiful flowers. The rose pedals are distilled into an oil, which gives off its fragrance smell. The smell of roses in perfume is very flamboyant to the nose. If you like to the smell of roses as a perennial flower, the combination of rose works really well with other sweet fragrances, and particularly well with citrus notes.

Best Women’s Perfume That Smells Like Roses

Stella Stella McCartney for Women

Stella McCartney is one of the more popular perfumes featuring rose as one of its fragrances. Rose is quite noticeable in this perfume. So if you’re looking for that rose fragrance note, I think you’ll prefer what Stella Stella McCartney brings to the world of women’s fragrances. The other main accords that capture its quality aroma style consists of floral, amber, citrus, and very fresh.

This isn’t the sweetest smelling perfume. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of smelling overwhelming sweetness on a woman. So speaking as a guy, I think I’d prefer a perfume a very nice complemented textured aroma that this high quality perfume otters to a women. This perfume smells very gratifying on those of all ages. It’s a very fresh and gentle scent. Sometimes subtleness of aromas can be quite lovely on specific people. You can wear this perfume to work, without drowning your co-workers with an overwhelming fragrance smell.

Perfumes can be very expensive and Stella McCartney is pretty expensive. It brings a luxurious and romantic type of quality.

There have been a lot of different descriptions used for this perfume. Different descriptions are a good thing to if you’re considering something that’s unique. That tells me the perfume is very deep and sophisticated. One person said it’s like having wine on them, and it’s a good smelling wine too.

Another person mention how this is the best non-sweet rose scent they have ever worn.

Stella McCartney is currently unavailable. Pacifica Persian Rose Spray Perfume is a good alternative, features Bulgarian rose.


Red Roses Jo Malone for Women

I’m a fan of this perfume on a woman, because it features some of my favorite main accords that my nose just can’t help but notice. Rose, citrus, green, aromatic, and ozonic. I like this as a perfume on women because it comes across as extravagant and attractive. My head would have to take turn, if someone happen to stride alongside me when wearing.

It’s a very floral green perfume. The red roses are very distinctive in this perfume, while also featuring fragrance notes of mint, violent leaf and lemon.

Rose definitely stands out the most in this perfume. Some have referred to it as a rose smelling perfume, with a soap and body wash kind of smell. The lemon adds a very refreshing citrus quality.

It’s not a very sweet perfume. Sweet perfumes can lose its luster at times and becomes too predictable on a woman.

If you’re looking for something different that’s going to stand out, then Red Rose Jo Malone has gotten a lot of high praise from customers as a fresh smelling rose perfume that keeps those around them.


Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose Donna Karan for Women

Pure DKNY has a rose, citrus, floral, aromatic and woody fragrance to it. This is a very floral type of perfume for women to wear. I really like the combination of fragrance notes used in this perfume. The turkish rose, black currant, magnolia, cedar, verbena and vanilla blend in very nicely together.

This perfume is a bit sweeter than the two previous ones I’ve mention. Vanilla adds a bit of sweetness and complements the rose very nicely. Both of these notes are probably the most dominate ones used in Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose Donna Karan. I love the touch of cedar in this perfume. It’s a very subtle woody fragrance that doesn’t become too masculine for any type of woman to wear. The cedar adds a very nice balance.

Both the silage and longevity are considered moderate. This is a very clean smelling rose perfume that works well throughout the day. But if you’re planning on going out on a special date, then you might prefer something that’s a little stronger on the body.

You don’t get a synthetic smell of rose. The rose fragrance comes across as very fresh. Some prefer wearing this perfume in the summer. The fragrances are light enough to wear during the spring and summer.


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